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Why I Started I.M. Wear;

Back when I was in grade 10, I was in my food and nutrition class, and we were about halfway through the semester when I walked into the classroom one day and there was one of the nurses from guidance in the room and she had a presentation set up on the smart board.


And in my head, I was like “great it's almost the end of the day and now I have to sit through a presentation”. So we took our seats and she introduced herself and told us how she was going to talk to us about body image and I'm sitting over there like “ I've talked about this stuff with my mom; I know this stuff”


So she started her slide show and went through the topics of bulimia, anorexia and so on. But it wasn't until near the end of her presentation, when she asked the class to raise our hand if we had something that we didn't like about ourselves, and everyone in the class raised their hands without hesitation and I looked around and I thought to my self wow I'm not the only one. Then she asked the class to raise their hand if we had something we liked about ourselves and most people thought for a second and then raised their hand and as I raised my hand I looked around the room and there were quite a bit of people who didn't raise their hands; some were guys but most where girls. And sitting a row in front of me was two girls who looked at each other and said they couldn't think of a single thing they liked about themselves and it broke my heart a little to see these beautiful girls who didn't like who they were.


After that the presentation finished, the bell went, and we went home. But the next days after that it was as if my eyes had been opened to something I couldn't see before because around school I started to look outside my own world and see things that I never noticed before like people who ate lunch alone, people who in the hallway avoid eye contact with everyone and walk with their head down, people who have cuts on their wrists and thighs. Even in my own friends I started to notice how often the words “ oh, I could NEVER do that, I could NEVER wear that or even I look so ugly in this picture” is said and how negative they are about themselves. I knew that I wanted to help them, and I wanted to do something to make a difference.


At this time my mom was running her own business and was at the Artisan Market in London and told me while I was there helping her I should find something I could do. Then that’s when I told her about what had happened and how I wanted to make a change and we decided to start with some type of shirts since they would be an easy way to start by allowing people to wear the word they want to be and to believe that they can be that. From there we added bracelets, sweatshirts, sweatpants. And it brought me to where I am today.



My mission is to inspire women, young and old, to embrace her true authentic self. To empower herself, by believing she can be all that she desires in the depth of her soul. 


Proud to be made and printed in CANADA.