Science behind Self Conscious Anxiety

"You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do" - Eleanor Rosevelt.

The human brain tends to remember 'bad' memories better than 'good' ones, just like how we have a bigger vocabulary for 'bad' emotions, then 'good' ones. We tend to worry about what other people think about us not realizing how little of an effect something you did that may have been embarrassing actually had on the other person. You could remember an awkward encounter and feel down on yourself because you embarrassed yourself in front of that person. However, the other person would not remember the situation the same way you do because to them that encounter was not as big of a deal since they have their own problems to think about. It's all about perspective.

I survived through High School so trust me I've had lots of embarrassing and awkward moment and no one remembers those incidents but me. I have fallen on the steps getting off the bus in front of everyone. Three years later I still remember it and how embarrassed I was. I had dislocated my thumb from trying to catch myself and ended up crying while making my way into the school. I can guarantee though, that me falling is not at the front of anyones mind.

Let me know you're most embarrassing or awkward moments and we can all let them go together. 


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