How to Empower Yourself

I’m going to share with you 10 things that have helped me to Empower myself and hopefully they will help you!


  • stop trying to be perfect, 
  • there is no such thing as perfect. 
  • We are all doing the best we can with what we have.


I know for me with school I like to remind myself that I do the best I can and that I may not always get perfect on everything but all I can do is work hard and remember that everyone has their owns strengths and weaknesses and I can’t compare my self to everyone because I cant be more then who I am.

Life is always changing, we are always learning and growing!

Instead of criticizing yourself for being less than perfect. simply be the best you, you can be at all times 

and remember, not reaching perfection is not-failure

In fact I learned a very valuable lesson just last year - That there is no such thing as failure. There is only learning opportunities. 

If we never fail, we would never know how not to do something and thus learn how TO do something! 

Sometimes we need someone to actually trip us, so that we can learn how to get back up on our own and brush ourselves off and continue on our way!!


  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone on the earth is unique, we all have different gifts and when we compare yourself to others, it makes us feel bad about yourself.

when I'm at track and field I may see other girls who can jump farther then me in long jump and you may think to yourself, wow I wish I could jump that far but then i realize hey actually I'm a pretty fast runner actually. That’s what I'm good at while the other girls strength is her jump; that what she's good at and my strength and what I'm good at is my speed in running. I cant compare my strengths to someone else cause we all have different thing that we’re good at cause we can't be good at everything.

  • be who you really are

In order to empower yourself, you have to stop wishing you are somebody else and completely love the person you actually are instead, for all your strengths and weaknesses.

You have to accept who you truly are because it’s how you were born and it’s what makes us unique for me I am a free spirited corky girl who loves anything to do with fashion from clothes to makeup but.. I also love comic books and gaming, its who I am and I love it.


We are each here to bring something new and unique to our life and the lives of the people around us. 

We where all the same, nothing would ever change and life would be boring!!

  • take life one day at a time 

Learning to love all of who you are takes time, give yourself time ,

 and don't feel down if you feel like what your trying to do is not going the way you thought it would go  - Thats just Life! 

Learn to follow the flow of least resistance in life and do what makes you feel good.

What feels good to you may not feel good to me and so on, learn to listen to how you feel and follow the good feelings as much as you can.

  • learn to let go of past events. 
  • Don’t let things that have happened to you in the past define who you are today.


you deserve a fresh beginning!

  • forgive yourself 
  • This goes along with the last point.

In other words, don’t punish yourself for something you have done in the past, instead, look at the mistake as a learning experience 

Remember there are not mistakes, just new and different ways to learn!

You cant dwell on the past because you cant go back and change what happened, all you can do is accept that yes it happened, maybe for the better, maybe it made things worse but its something thats in the past now and its called “past” because it’s an event that has passed by on your way to being happy.



  • treat yourself like you treat your best friend

ASK YOURSELF- how do you treat your best friends?


ASK YOURSELF- wouldn’t you prefer to be treated with kindness, trust, appreciation, acceptance, love and respect? 


  • express yourself 

express yourself, perhaps in a diary, or through short stories, you can also do creative tasks, like painting or music

For me I love to express myself through my fashion, I am the girl at school who will wear heels and I may do my hair up in a fun way or ill do something adventurous with my makeup. And yes this does cause people to stare at me but I'm okay with it, you should never be afraid to stand out.


  • know how to react in a healthy way 

An important part of respecting yourself is sticking up for yourself.

When someone is mean to you, you need to say something and let them know you're not going to stand for that behaviour not in an equally aggressive way, but in as calm a way as you can.


fFr me when i was in grade 9 at the beginning of the year and i was the only one from the public school to come to my high school and i didn't have much for friends yet being the first month of school. And i was at my locker getting my stuff to head for the bus when a guy from my class who’s locker was next to mine came to use his locker and i don't know how we started talking but at one point he turned and looked at me and said “your stupid”. and i paused for a moment thinking before replying “thank you” and he had the most stunned look on his face and he repeated with “ its not a compliment” and i said “but what if i choose to take it as one”. He just stared at me and said “wow you really must be stupid” and all i said was “cool” before closing my locker and walking away. Yes what he said had hurt but i didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he got to me and he could believe all he wanted about me but i didn't see myself as stupid but if he wanted think of me that way so be it. Yes it still stung thinking on what he said to me and when i got home i cried and then i let it go; accepting that nothing could change what happened but that i didn't care for what he had to say. Like i said earlier you have to let go of the past because its just not worth holding onto the pain.



 But I also felt empowered because I had quietly stood up for myself without creating more conflict.


You shouldn't be mean in return,

 you don’t want to recreate the same environment for others that led you to not feeling honoured in the first place.

  • believe in yourself

never get anxious about anything you set your heart to do, instead, believe that your efforts will always yield positive results



ASK YOURSELF - So how do YOU see yourself?

Are you a good friend, are you athletic, or a book worm…

For me I think of myself as an upbeat, caring, animal loving, honest person.


ASK YOURSELF - Now how do you think other’s see you? 

I think others see me as creative, trustworthy and sometimes emotional person.


There will ALWAYS be both positive and negative views, the ones that we hear the most, becomes what we believe about ourself.


For instance if you often here- 


“I am” stupid - no good - bad and so on if we hear this often, we think it’s true!


And when you believe this about yourself it defines your daily thoughts and actions, you will become that very person, whether you really want to or not.


But we can change our beliefs.


By first Starting with really getting to know who  you are!


What are your strengths? -  WRITE THEM OUT!

For me I am good at science and I enjoy it.



What are your weaknesses?  - We all have them - WRITE THEM OUT TOO!!


For me I am not very good at math but thats okay because I know that not something I'm good at but I know I have other things I am good at



Then pick the one weakness or fault you dislike the most about yourself right now and find it’s opposite


For instance “ I am stupid” and change it to “I am smart - brilliant, intelligent etc”

Every one of us is unique and different. Thank god or life would be pretty boring.


We all have gifts or things we are automatically good at and find easy in life. 

& we all have things we are not so good at, find difficult or even hate, and that’s okay.


The key is to actually take your faults and work on them, that is what life is all about.


The gifts you have will always be there for you to use and fall back on, but to truly become great, you must work on your faults.


Write down all the things you are good at or find easy in life like; maybe your good at a particular sport or physical activity in general, or maybe you are really good at math or an avid reader. Personally I tend to have to read everything that is in front of me, cereal boxes, ingredient lists and so on.


Then write down all the things you feel you are not so good at, what do you struggle with? 

Then choose one thing and start finding those people who can help you to begin getting a bit better at it. 

Sharing your gifts with others empowers you.

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