How to Change Your Beliefs

Let’s talk about how to change your beliefs.


Initially in life, what you believe about yourself is defined by your parents, caregivers, siblings, and grandparents.


Then in school, your peers, friends, teachers and those you associate with or spend the most time with begin to influence what you believe about yourself.



It is said that you will think and act like the 5 people you hang around with the most! SO CHOOSE WISELY!


The reason you hang around with them is because you have “connected” with them on some level. You maybe discovered you liked the same sports or activities, or that you’re neighbours and “just get along” or you met at school and just seemed to “fit”. 


The reason you “connect” or “fit” is because you have or do “BELIEVE” the same things. 


But what if you DON’T really get along with someone or you struggle to “fit in” because you don’t feel like you fit in?


Maybe you feel like your not good enough to fit in with them, or that they secretly don’t like you, or that they always seem to say things that hurt you and you don’t know why?


And sometimes you may be more concerned with what THEY think and believe -  then what you believe about yourself.


Because, maybe what you believe deep down about yourself is that you AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO BE THEIR FRIEND! : ( 


Which is a shame because you are always ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!


ASK YOURSELF - Have you have ever felt like you just didn’t fit in?


For me In my grade 9 year of high school for a while i didn't have  any friends. At lunch my brother who is three years older then me would leave his class to be with me during lunch for a while until i found people to eat with. At first I sat with a big group of lots of girl and they were all the ‘popular’ girls and the girls I talked to were very nice to me but I just didn't feel like I fitted in with them. Later I found a smaller group of 3 girls who I started to stay with more because we had more in common and always had stuff to talk about and I felt comfortable showing them who I was and to this day I am still best friends with them and over the years at high school we've gained more people in the group that I hang out with the most.


We all do at some point, it’s a part of learning to define ourselves. We have to learn through outside circumstances what we like and what we don’t like. 

You would never know tart an lemon is unless you taste it for yourself!


The good news is…..

 that you can change what you believe. 

You have FREE WILL.

And the older you get the more free will you will have. 

AND The more you apply your free will, the greater you become as an individual.


"What you are thinking about, you are becoming" - Muhammad Ali


How to change what you believe about yourself;


Step 1. Get to really know yourself! do those exercises I talked about earlier. By writing out your positive and negative traits, because maybe you really don't know who you are if you've never taken the time to really understand your self. so maybe you need to get to know yourself better.

Step 2. Pick one of your weaknesses or faults that you dislike the most and find it’s opposite state.


For example if you believe “I am stupid” Then switch it to “I am smart, brilliant or intelligent…” 


Step 3. Now take this new statement or belief about yourself and begin to repeat is as often as you can. 

You can yell it out loud or simply say it quietly inside your head, what ever feels right to you!


Step 4. Begin to see where this belief is actually happening in your life. If you want to be  better at art say, then in your life look for opportunities like art classes you could take or look for art that you see that intrigues you. Find how this fits into your life.


Give yourself credit when your new belief actually occurs. Like say you get a  better grade on a test than you ever have before! Congratulate yourself - Celebrate your success and achievement, 


Celebrate YOU!

You need to become your own champion, because no one will care as much about you as YOU!



Step 5. While repeating and being aware of any changes you are creating, it’s vital that you create the emotional state that goes along with this belief. 


Imagination is the Key to Creation!


For YOU, what does this new state feel like? Even if you are first just imagining it - Fake it till you Make it!!


The more you can fully "imagine" you becoming this new belief, the faster it will become a reality and the less you will have to try to keep creating it.


Find your gifts and let them shine!! 


Don’t be afraid to be who you truly are, when your open with who your are, other will be too. 


And alway remember to just be you!

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