How Often Women Say ‘Sorry’ and Why

Most times people recognize Canada as the place where everyone says 'sorry' a lot being that we are supposedly more polite.

Although this may be easier to see in Canadians, millions of people around the world apologize as an automatic response to something that happens. Just like how people say 'ouch' when something hits them, bumps them, or they see something that looks painful happen to someone else. Even when they may not be in any pain at all. It's simply what people say that has become a habit to say in a situation where you feel you have sone something wrong, or simply inconvenienced someone else.

Buzzfeed has done a few videos on this topic and has shown women and their perspective on this natural guilt response we have adapted.


  • Men are more assertive, dominant, and often speak less in situations that involve emotions compared to women, and have a history of being 'above women' in society 
  • Women tend to have lower self-esteem, intimidated more easily, try harder to be liked, lots of women do not want to come of as aggressive because old beauty standards dictate women to be gracious and kind, sweet, women apologize way more for things that aren’t actually their fault or even if they did nothing wrong

Constantly apologizing to make someone else feel better is slowly decreasing your own POWER! You are slowly handing your own power over to someone else by belittling yourself to appease that person.

Be conscious if what your apologizing for is truly sincere. And remember that you don't have to please everyone, so respect yourself and don't live your life to please others. Live your life respecting and loving yourself.



Test yourself and try to count how many times you say 'sorry' on an average day! Then decide if you truly needed to apologize.

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