FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

FOMO The Leading Cause Of Anxiety & Depression In Teens Today 

FOMO is the anxiety that one has, caused by the fear of missing out on a social event or any other positive experience, especially on that you have heard about through social media.

Flaring after the creation of facebook, and Instagram stories. People post the highlights of their life on social media. People are even able to see where their friends are by Snapmaps and they could see that friends are hanging out together without you.

For teenagers  the fear of missing out is very common and escalates by the use social media. Feeling left out or abandoned can have a huge affect on peoples confidence and self worth.



56% of people are afraid of missing something if they don’t keep and eye on their social networks.


61% of 18 to 34 year olds have multiple social networking accounts.


27% check their Facebook or Twitter feeds as soon as they wake up.


51% log on to social networking sites more frequently than they did two years ago.

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