Definition of Beauty in Men vs Women

"Definition of beauty

plural beauties
1: the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit : loveliness 
  • a woman of great physical beauty
  • exploring the natural beauty of the island
  • A thing of beauty is a joy forever … —John Keats”
[Merriam Webster Dictionary (beauty)]

Beauty is defined as desired and pleasing traits. How are these determined you may ask.  They are determined by society. But who ever said that society was right. Who gave ‘society’ the right to judge if we are beautiful or not.


Ever individual is different and has different bodies, personalities, beliefs. Every person see’s the world in a different way. So how can there be one determined ideals that everyone is expected to look/ act like.


Not to mention how ‘western beauty ideals’ affect women and men of different cultures. Ex. Indian women buying skin lightening creams, eye products to create a more almond shaped eyes, and so much more.


I would rather not be labelled as beautiful in societies eyes, if it meant I could be my own individual. Who wants to look like everybody else? Every few years the ideal change and what is popular fades because everything is on a cycle and everyone wants change. 


A beautiful man is strong, bold, confident, has a strong jaw, clear eyes, intelligent, caring.


A beautiful woman has full lips, curves, is thin but not too thin, graceful, well mannered.


So now tell me, why is it that when you think of what makes each gender 'beautiful' only the ideals of men’s beauty includes their mental ability?


For hundreds of years women were viewed as ‘objects’, they were seen as something to be looked at and to not have their own individuality. Women were seen as pocclean dolls; meant to be put on display and to enhance the male partners appearance. 


Women are so much more than just a pretty face and over the years women have been coming forward to show what they can do. Just as every individual has there own strengths, women have their strengths by nature just as men due that the opposite gender is generally not as capable in.


Men are more goal oriented and competitive generally then woman, while women are more open to different paths/ ideas.

Historically men were the hunters of the group, they went out on missions to get food for their family. They had a mission and they were going to accomplish it. 

Women were the forgers and mothers, they had to look for shelter, food, and  water for their family while taking care of the children. Women have always been more in-depth with creating; needing to find solutions for their homes, their goods, how to provide water, and more. 


In modern terms, men would walk into a grocery store and know their looking for milk so they would walk straight to the milk grab one and leave. A woman would walk in and look at the deals, other food they may need, look at the different types and brands of milk and look for the best one. Woman are more of wanderers, who will look around. This plays much into why woman are know as better at finding things then men, meaning they can typically find things faster then a man.


Men and women both have their strengths but that does not mean that on gender is ‘better’ than the other. As well, when people say 'gender equality' it does not mean being the ‘same’, it means having equal rights and opportunities. Genders will never be the ‘same’ because they have their own biological trait that influence the individual.


Ideals every year for either body image or work standards raises and is becoming harder to meet these expectations. This creates a snowball effect increases peoples anxiety and depression due to feeling as though they are not good enough, will never be good enough, or simply cannot keep up with societies standards. It is human nature to feel needed, especially in women, women need to feel as though they of use. Which is why women tend to multitask so that they are always doing something, therefore being of use. This sets women up to already have low self-esteem, and in today when you do not meet what as valued in societies eye, you feel as though you have failed, you are not enough and you have been defeated before you even started.




There can be no one set of rules for millions of unique individuals to follow. People understand that ‘every snowflake is different’, why is that not said about humans. When we are just like snowflakes; all created in a similar manor but under different conditions. Whether it be weather or DNA. There is variables that go into the creation of anything that can vary. So of course we are not all going to be born the same, and we should not be. If we were all the same we would not have what we have today. We would not have had those people who wanted to travel across the ocean and explore, we would not have people who made technological discoveries. If we were the same we would all have the same brain function and nothing would be unique or new because we would all know the same information.


I AM proud to be myself, I AM proud to be who I am because I AM perfectly-imperfect.

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