“Summer Coulter’s Youth Empowering Youth program speaks to students of all ages.  Her presentation is done with a calm, yet engaging approach.  Not only does she speaks to the character traits we are teaching in our schools, but Summer also gives students specific tools to help build their self-esteem and self-worth!  Her follow-up activities help to reinforce her powerful message using social media platforms! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to have Summer come to your school to speak with your students!  The youth-to-youth connection might be the most powerful tool we have in this day and age!”

J. DeVree

Laurie Hawkins Public School

Grade 8 Teacher


I would like your school to be apart of my:

Youth Empowering Youth Movement!

Hi, my name is Summer Coulter, I am a grade 12 student and I believe it is time to reform the “anti-bullying” campaign. 

Instead of focusing on the negative, I’d like to focus on the positive.

I have created a program where I will help encourage and empower my fellow students through personal stories and inspiring words of wisdom, to find their own unique gifts, talents and way of being. As well as, handing out useful tools I’ve created, for them to take home and continue this movement of self development. 

I am here to help our youth empower and believe in themselves.

Empowered: When you know exactly who you are.

Love and respect yourself fully.

Nothing anyone says or does can affect you in a negative way.

It’s time for us, the leaders of tomorrow, to stand up and empower ourselves and each other.

We all deserve the right to CHOOSE our own beliefs about ourself. To feel empowered by our own thoughts, feelings and actions, and to share this with our friends and fellow classmates in life.

Please help me by talking with your school administration so we can grow this supportive community now.


To learn more or to book a school visit please email me at imwear1@gmail.com

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